Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank goodness for insurance!

Well, I am so glad that we have good health insurance. Before I quit my full time out of the home job I had the insurance in my name. Now it is it my husband's and we also downgraded to a HMO (Avmed) instead of the Blue Cross/Blue shield. We don't have the $500 deductible per person and we can still pretty much go to any of the same doctors. It has really worked out great for us. We have a large family and it really doesn't cost us that much. I am really glad that we were able to cover my brother too, because he is going to have to go to some specialists because of some problems that he is having. Thank god for my hubby working at a job that will cover us all.
So if you are looking for a way to save on insurance, check out an HMO. I know that they have a bad rap, but I think that they have gotten a lot better.

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