Friday, October 31, 2008

Enter to win a great holiday contest for cash

I am so stoked up to continue my holiday shopping. I already got my 2 oldest sons their big gifts. My 5 year old is getting a Nintendo Game Cube and my 2 year old is getting the Elmo Live. But we still have a lot to get.

Speaking of shopping, there is this really cool contest going on where you can win cash. And who doesn't need cash during the holiday season right? Well eBillme is giving away $1,500 in cash or prizes every month. So check them out and sign up to win. I did and also don't forget to put me down as the site that you got the information from as well. If you do win, come back and tell me about it.

Save those bread bags

Okay I know that this is going to sound more like cheap mom than slick mom, but just have to put this out there.

I recently ran out of gallon sized freezer bags and had to bread some chicken. I can't stand to do it in a bowl or on a plate because you waste so much mix and you also make a huge mess. So what I did is grabbed a bag that a loaf of bread came in. I poured the mix into the bag and as they "shake and bake". It is the perfect size, free and we go through a few loaves a week here in our house so we always have them. It really cuts down on having to buy more freezer bags. I have noticed that they have started going up in price lately. Has anyone else? I also started using Tupperware like containers in the freezer instead of bags. I think it actually helps the meat keep for longer anyway and if you already have them, its free!

Let me know what you think of this money saving tip. Love to hear from you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Have Fibromyalgia?

You know I am starting to wonder if I have fibromyalgia or not. I have never been tested for it but I sure have a lot of the symptoms and may even have chronic fatigue syndrome which is basically related to fibromyalgia. From what I have been reading, this is a really common problem for women. There are some suplements out there that can really help with ridding yourself of the symptoms. I am really thinking about trying one of them out. is a cool way to shop for diapers

I just found out about this cool site. It's called Its great for people like me that live in a small town with not much competition when it comes to prices of things like baby needs. We basically have an IGA supermarket, Dollar General, Family Dollar and a CVS. A lot of times CVS does run good sales for their diapers and they are even better if you have coupons to go along with them. But they don't normally carry the larger boxes of diapers where you can save the most money. This site even offers cloth diapers and other diapering needs. They also have the chlorine free diapers for babies that need that too. Pretty cool. They also have free shipping for orders over $49. AND if you use ref code lovemyboys you can get $10 off of your first shipment. Which is cool because the closest WalMart to me is about 17 miles away which costs a lot in gas if you are just going for a box of diapers.

Just thought that I would pass that on to anyone that needed the extra savings.

Looking for inexpensive life insurance

When I quit my full time job to stay home with my kids, we lost most of my life insurance coverage. That is really scary to me with 3 kids, a mortgage and a car that isn't quite paid off yet. I told my husband that we should really starting thinking about looking into some term life insurance quotes. I know that they are a lot cheaper than whole life so it would be easier on us to keep it active just in case it is needed. It sure would put my mind at ease knowing that my kids and husband would be okay if something did happen to me.

Another discount!!! 80% off!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new 80% off discount for Restaurant. I have written about them before. They are a site that you can go to and type in your zip code of city and find places that take the Gift Certicates. I used this earlier this month and it was really nice. The code to use is TREATS. This will get you a $25 certificate for only $2!. You can not beat that!
If you use this come back and tell me your experience. I had a great one when we used ours:)

Great site for Medical Diagnostics information

You know, I feel very happy to be born in a time and place where we are able to get excellent medical diagnostics. Having so really can make the difference between either full recovery or possibly death and not diagnosed in time. Johnson and Johnson is a leader in this field. I just went to their site and they have all sorts of information ranging from information on Sports Medicine and trauma all the way to Vision care to Urological surgery and more! They are really there to help the patient. They list diagnostic tests that are helpful and even their partners in health care. I really do think that this is a really helpful site. So if you or yours are having any health concerns check them out.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So excited!!!

Okay, so by now we all know that I am cheap:) But I have been really wanting to go out for dinner for a while now but have not been able to afford it. I just looked up the restaurants listed on and saw that the Sea Food restaurant a bout 2 blocks from my house is on it! I also found a discount code with is MORE for 60% off of the already discounted prices. If you don't already know, has $25 gift certificates for $10 and also some lower priced ones as well. So I was able to get a $25 gift certificate for just $4 with my discount code. Now I do know that I have to order $35 worth of food to be able to use it, but with my family that is easily done anyway. So it's still a great deal for us. I personally would not call them Gift Certificates but rather coupons because you do have to spend a little bit to be able to use them and I would not give them as a gift to someone else. Although I will buy one for myself as a gift. I can't wait.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hubby is getting creative and saving some money too

We have had our two computer chairs for about 7 or 8 years now. The padding was starting to get really warn down in one of them and my husband just couldn't stand it anymore. So, he took the chair apart with a screwdriver and then took the cover off of the seat of the chair all of the way down to the padding. We had a few couch cushions that we kept when we got rid of an old couch for the boys to play with so he took one of those to make into the cushion. He cut it to fit and then put the cover back on and stapled it back in place (which is how it was tacked down in the first place). You can't even tell that the chair was ever taken apart! It's like having a new chair again. This chair cost us about $100 when it was new and we just do not have the money to replace it right now. So we saved the couch cushion and the chair from their doom at the landfill. Feeling pretty good about that:)
I told my husband that he is feeling the depression area spirit. is a cool place to shop

I just found this really cool site where they have all sorts of great priced items. You can shop at a lot of your favorite shops and check out using only one cart for more convenience. I found some really nice things in the kids department. They have everything from really nice highchairs to super cute baby costumes for Halloween. The baby costumes start at just $14.99. And to make the prices even sweeter, they even have some really nice coupons that you can use as well. As you probably already know, I love my coupons.

This month they have also teamed up with Lifetime television to Support Breast Cancer Awareness. They are having inspirational product picks, informative blogs and fabulous giveaways. One being a chance to win a KitchenAid Cook for the Cure limited-edition mixer. So check it out and don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Design your own crocs

My two sons have many pairs of those cute little croc shoes. Some of them are starting to look a little bit dingy so I started trying to find ways to make them look nicer. I came accros this really cool thing called Croc-A-Doodle. It's a kit for kids to draw with markers on their crocs. It really looks like a lot of fun to me. So basically they will have one of a kind crocs and they are on sale right now for approx $6 (including shipping) if you use code IPFL8T3E. So go check them out Here. I think that I am going to order a couple of sets.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks to a good friend

I have this really cool friend that has helped me out more than I thought was ever possible. I don't even think that SHE knows how much she has done for me and my family. But I wanted to thank her for her very good advise and help that she has given to me selflessly for the last couple of months. Please check out her List of Paying Surveys. Everything is free and from what I understand you can make a pretty decent amount of cash by doing them. Some of them are a lot of fun as well. Some pay cash and some put you into a cool drawing. So check them out!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free food for kids at restaurants

Okay things are really tight for a lot of people right now. I thought that this site would be really helpful and I can't wait to use it myself. Eating out with the whole family can get really expensive really, really quick. And half the time my kids are so overwhelmed about going out and excited about all the things going on and the attention that they get because they are so freaking cute that they end up not eating most of the food anyway. Who wants to pay $10+ for kids to get food and not eat it? Not me that is for sure!
Anyway, check out this site. And if you do, leave me a comment and let me know what you think about it.