Monday, January 26, 2009

Maternity clothes are gone now what?

I have 3 little boys ages 5 and under. That being said, I have become pretty comfortable wearing a nice wardrobe of Maternity Clothes. It used to be that you couldn't find any nice and stylish Maternity Clothes at all, but now it is almost like they are the cutest clothes out there and they are really comfortable as well. I think that is one thing that I am really going to miss about being pregnant and having babies. I don't know if anyone else out there feels like this or not? It really made me sad to get rid of them when I was done.

But with the birth of a new baby you of course get to go shopping for other really cute things like some of those really nice Strollers. I have noticed that there are so many nice new ones to choose from. I have noticed that even in the last 5 years since my first son was born. They have really gotten nice. Another thing that you get to look forward to is buying one of those really nice Baby Cribs. There is such an array to choose from.

So the nice fashionable comfy clothes may be gone but so many really cute things to look forward to (including the baby).

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