Saturday, January 23, 2010

Got Acne?

I am so glad that I do not have to worry about acne anymore. When I was younger, I remember my mom taking me to the dermatologist and trying to find the best acne cream. I am sure that things have changed since then and I am sure there has been a lot of new stuff that has come out that is a lot better than what I used to have to use. I feel better about my boys having to be treated for acne. I am sure they will need something since it runs on both sides of the family.

Buying online

I was just talking with a friend of mine. She was talking about how she bought a new pair of shoes online for about $135. She just realized that she could have gotten the same shoes for about $85 if she had looked. They are exactly the same shoes. Just not the "new" color. If color is worth the extra $50 to you then don't worry about it. But if it is not, then check around before you spend the extra money.

Supplemental Insurance

I think one great way to save a little money if you are older and go to the hospital alot is Medicare supplement insurance. They usually pay the out of pocket expenses that Medicare doesn't (the other 20% and such.) Anyway, I remember when I worked in a physician's office that there were a lot of people that didn't even know what supplemental plan it was that they had. I really wish that every senior had a family member or a close friend that would help them out so that they knew what they had.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

$5 off of $20 at CVS and Publix

I have a link for a printable $5 off the purchase of $20 or more. You can print as many as you like. These are great for CVS as well as Publix if your supermarket considers CVS a competitor as my local stores do. I totally love these coupons and if you use them with other coupons and BOGO you are way ahead of the game. I have been saving 50% or so with all of my shopping trips lately.

Here is the link

Friday, January 15, 2010

Almost time for a trip

So, being in Florida, we usually get great deals on Disney and other theme parks. This year, I think we are going to head to Disney for their Florida Resident deal which is $99 for 4 days at one of 4 parks. I know the boys will LOVE it! Anyway, it is not time for me to start looking around for some nice luggage to use. I have heard that Eagle Creek luggage is nice. I want to buy my tickets though before I buy the luggage just to make sure that we have a place to use the luggage.

Buying Text books

So, I get financial aid for my college classes and also for my books. The school that I goto was soooo disorganized this time for getting our book slips, that we actually waited in line for 5 hours for the book slips and another 45 minutes for the books! And it ended up costing about $200 for books for 2 classes! I have now sworn to buy my text books for my next classes online. I will save money and I will also save lots of derivation and time.

Rearanging our house

So, now that my brother is in the Navy, we are moving our boys around. This is also freeing up more space for our computers and other things as well. My husband and I are currently looking for some new modern office furniture to replace the stuff that we have had for the last 9 or so years. I think it is really going to make our home look a more modern and inviting.

Current Extra Care bucks deals at CVS

* crave-nx diet aid spray .64 oz $7.99 get $7.99 eb $8 limit 1 limit 2
advertised 1/3-1/9, monthly deal according to shelf tags in some stores

L'Oreal Healthy Look $7.99 or EverStrong $6.99 get $5 EB wyb $20 Limit ? 12/27-2/27 ?

Motions ethnic hair care get $5 EB wyb $10
Olive Oil conditioner is not counting towards this deal

Perrier or San Pellegrino 500 ml get $1 EB wyb 2 Limit 5

Vitamin Water V10 20 oz or Smart Water 1L get $1 EB wyb 3 Limit 5

Airborne 10 ct or On the Go Packets 8 ct $1 off

Aleve $4 off

Bayer Heart Health Advantage 80 ct $2 off

Dayquil or Nyquil Liquicaps 20 ct or liquid 6-10 oz $2 off

I caps eye vitamin mineral suppiement 50-120 $4 off

Kotex Pads 14-24 ct or liners 40-64 ct $1 off

Miralax 14 doses or 10 packets $3.50 off
-$1 Miralax
Mucinex Orginal or DM 18-20 ct or extra strength orginal or DM 14 ct $3 off

One A Day Gummies, Vitacrave gummies 50 ct, or drink mix 12-18 ct $3 off

Prevacid 42 count $3 off

Refresh or Optive $2 off
-$3 Refresh Optive
-$1 Refresh
-$3 off 2 Refresh
Right Size Soothie Mix 18.5-20.5 oz Slimmin Ade mix 5 ct or nutrion drink 4 pack $2 off

Tums 36-150 ct $2 off
-$1 Tums 24 ct +
Tylenol Arthritis or PM $2 off

Vicks 44 Custom Care 6 oz, VapoRub or Baby Rub 1.76 oz $2 off

source: i heart cvs: january 2010 eb deals and clipfree coupons

Thank you :)