Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking for a costume?

One really thing that I really enjoy buying and doing is Costumes. I mean there are just so many different ones out there that the options are limitless. You know? I have found this really cool site which really helps make shopping for nice costumes a lot easier.
Now that I have 3 little boys I am really enjoying checking out all of the really cute and gross
Kids Halloween Costumes out there. Right now my boys are young enough where they are still into the cute things like Power Rangers and Thomas and things like that. I am really not looking forward to the gross monsters and blood covered things that are our Halloween futures. Just trying to enjoy it the most I can while they are still so young.
On the other hand, have you seen some of the really nice Sexy Halloween Costumes? I am trying to loose some weight right now so hopefully by October, I will be able to fit into one nicely. I am thinking about maybe the Wonder Woman costume? I think my husband would really enjoy that. And I know that I would too. I had the Wonder Woman Underroos when I was younger and I loved them!
So go ahead and start checking out the nice costumes out there. Lots of choices too. It's never to early to get one.

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