Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anniversary coming up

My hubby's birthday is coming up in August. One of the things that I have been thinking of getting him is the eotech 552 which is compatible with his site on one of his new rifles. He is really a Gun Nut, and how better could we celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary than getting him a gun accessory? I am sure he would really love it.

The summer...

The summer really has my kid's schedules all turned around now. I can't get anything done because they are up from the break of dawn until midnight and even later. I can't really blame them though, because we don't have AC and they are having some problems sleeping. That will def be one of the things that gets replaced first.

The way things are now

Well, my hubby and I have been together for almost 11 years now. We were one of the first couples to meet online and get married. There weren't all of the free online dating sites that there are now. Now if you meet someone online, it's nothing. Back when we met, we got some pretty weird stairs and everyone asking questions etc. They could not believe that we met that way. I do have to say that it is def better than meeting at a bar or something that is for sure.


Well, this Wednesday is the day. I sure hope that I pass and can start raking in the big bucks so that we can pay our house off and buy a second vehicle. I can't wait!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can't Wait!

So, I have graduated, I have taken my IV certification course and now I am just waiting to take the NCLEX (Nursing Boards). I can't wait, because once I find out I pass, I am going to go and buy some nice scrubs made by Cherokee uniforms. They are so cute! There are so many cute designs now that I can't believe it. They have actually made scrubs that look appealing now not just something that looks like it was made out of a kids flat sheet or something. I so can't wait to go scrub shopping.

I love Netflix!

I so love Netflix! Before, we were paying an arm and a leg for our cable. We only had it in one room. We never could find things that we wanted to watch when we had the time to watch it and if we wanted to record it, well then we would have to pay more for a TIVO machine. Well my hubby signed us up for the one of the cheapest Netflix accounts and wow, I have been so impressed. We have had them close to a year now and we have it hooked to 2 rooms (the grown ups and the kids room) and we always find things that we want to watch. Right now, my 3 boys are watching something about bugs. So they are learning and they are out of mom's hair. All for about $10 a month!

Still waiting

Well, I sent all of my info in to the DOH and another agency and now I am just waiting to hear back from them so that I can take my NCLEX. I so can't wait to take it. There are so many things that I want to buy when I get a job. I want to get an A/C, pay off our second mortgage, buy a second car and even one of those steel buildings so that we can get uncluttered around here. Our 3 bedroom house is starting to get smaller now that we have 3 growing boys.

Well it almost rained...

Well, there was a 40% chance of rain today. The thunder rolled in and the air changed, but it didn't actually rain. I was really looking forward to it though, because we really need it because of how dry it has been lately. There are forest fires all around us and it is making it hard for me to breath lately. Hopefully, it will rain tomorrow!

Wow just wow

Well I have a friend and she gets SSDI for her disability. She has really been having some problems lately though, because she has come under review and they are trying to take her benefits away from her. They think that just because she works from home, that she is not disabled anymore, which sure is not the case. I think that they are starting to purge people from their system more and more lately.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got the pool going!

Well, we finally got our pool going again. It really helps the kids cool off a bit. As everyone already knows, we do not have AC and will not have it again until I get a job as a nurse and buy a new unit. But the pool is really helping a lot. The kids are going to be out of school starting Friday, and it will give them something to do too without being stuck in the house all day:)