Sunday, December 26, 2010


One of the first things that we plan on doing when I graduate is of course, I will get a job and we are going to pay our house off early. We are then going to redecorate and make our house one really cool and inviting place to be. We are really going to update it with really nice stuff like tile throughout, crown molding, Kichler lighting, we are thinking about knocking out the walls that separate the bathrooms and make it one nice big one. I have so many things that I want to do to our cute little house to make it more of a home!

Kid are asleep?

Oh my goodness! The kids are all asleep before their dad got home tonight! I can not believe that! I guess it was all of the fighting over Christmas presents that wore them out. Apparently everyone thinks that the other one's presents are better than theirs but won't let the other ones play with theirs. They want their toys and the other kids toys:/ So I am one sleepy momma! Next year, I think I will just get 3 of everything lol


I have a little prepaid phone right now, just because that is all that I need. But when I actually get out of my nursing class and I am away from home more, I would really love to get a new iphone. Most of my friends have them and they love them. I would like to get one because they also have really cool aps for nursing too, which is another reason that I would like one. Being a new nurse, I am sure I will have some questions, and it will probably help me not have to ask so many questions.


Well Christmas has come and gone and we had a pretty good one:) The only 3 glitches are that my son's DS Lite did not make it here in time for the big day, his RC helicopter did not make it out of the package in one piece and had to be taken back this morning for refund, but no more were in stock so had to settle for a gift card instead and my stove that just got fixed malfunctioned in the middle of Christmas dinner lol. But we all got to spend it together and we are all healthy and got cool things. Couldn't really ask for anything more!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I think that one of the best things for children for gifts are persnonalized gifts. They all love to see their names on things. It makes them feel really big and grown up. I must also admit that I love to see my name on things as well. I think that it also shows that the gift was not just something bought to say that you bought something you know? it is special and just for that one person.

Almost Christmas

Well, I almost have all of my Christmas shopping taken care of! I bought quite a few things at Family Dollar for the kids earlier this month and their uncle that is in the Navy decided to donate some money to the cause and send some money for the kids' Christmas as well:) I found a great seller on eBay that is selling DS lites for cheap and has excellent ratings as well. I already bought one of them, and will buy a second one in a bit for my 4 year old as I know he will want one just like his brother. I guess my 2 year old can have one of the old Game Boy Advances that is just sitting around collecting dust:) I am going to make sure to use my Bigcrumbs account to try to save some cash as well. If you haven't checked them out yet, you really should. It is a great way to earn money back shopping lots of places that you already shop. You can check them out from this link. Happy shopping!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Love to travel

I can not wait until I am done with my nursing classes and I am able to travel as well as have the money to do so. I want to get a camper to go around at least the state in with my kids and my hubby. I know that it can get expensive with the maintenance and rv repairs as well as added insurance and gas costs, but it sure seems worth it to me! I can't stand staying in hotels where you do not know who slept in your bed last or if you are going to be bringing bed bugs home to all of your nice new furniture or your kids waking up with bedbug bites on a trip...yuck. It is so worth it!

Are you pregnant?

If so, word to the wise, do not be too creative with your pregnancy pics. Just do something with some class and taste, do not show off too much of your body or your significant others either for that matter. Please check out this blog that I just ran across that has awkward pregnancy photos. You will see what I mean. I do like the one though with the watermelon and the gun:)

No wrinkles

I am positive that after this frigid weather, I am going to need some of the best anti-wrinkle serum on the market! My skin has been so dry, that I am scared to think about what it is doing to me in the long term. I sure do not want to look older than I am when I go back to my class reunions and such. That would really not be cool at all.

Wow it sure is cold!

Wow! I woke up to freezing temperatures this morning! Yesterday morning, it was almost like the storm before a hurricane, it was rainy and really windy. The dog kept barking at the trees that were swaying outside! But this morning, OMG it is cold! The wind is about 30 miles per hour and cuts right through you. I hated having to send the boys to school in this mess. I thought I lived in Florida!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well it sure is cold here in Sunny North Florida! It is actually going to be 22 degrees tonight and I sure an not looking forward to taking the boys to school in the morning! I don't even like the idea of having to wake up in the morning and get out of bed. I have a really nice and cozy electric blanket that we bought a little while back and it really does cut down on having to run the heat high all night long. I will get up early in the morning and turn the heat up a little bit before I get the boys up and then everything is fine. I just wish I could sleep in though under my nice cozy blanket!


Well, one day left of my current semester of nursing school. Most of tomorrow is going to be going out to eat and then the next day is just going to be the final and I am done until January! I can not wait. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


My sons are watching Iron man right now. I didn't notice that Iron man when he is just a regular guy is wearing some nice stylish urban clothing. It takes a certain type of person to be able to pull off that style. But when they do, WOW! It looks very nice. I would really like for my husband to get some clothes in that style. I bet he would look very nice as well.

Kids fighting!

My kids have been arguing for a while now about what they want to watch on TV. It is really starting to drive me nuts! They get to take turns picking a show/movie but one will pick one and then want to pick another one, so then I have to step in and be the referee! I really wish that they could both just agree on the same thing lol.

Thinking about new life insurance

I am thinking about getting new life insurance on my husband and I. We currently have a small policy, but I want to get more to help take care of my boys in case anything was to happen to either or even worst both of us. I am searching the net and found I am currently checking them out. I won't be able to make a purchase though until I get my taxes back at the beginning of the year. But at least I will know what I want by then:)

Got a little christmas shopping done!

Well, I finally got a little bit of Christmas shopping done for my boys. I went to Family Dollar because I had a $5 off coupon when you spend $25 and with 3 kids, you get up to that amount very fast lol. I spent about $44 and got quite a few things for them. Now I just have about 4 more things to get which I can not get there. Two of the things are coming from Walmart and 2 more things I am picking up tomorrow that I found barely used on Craig s list. Then I will be all finished with my Christmas shopping!

Feel very blessed

Back in October, my son was admitted to the hospital for breathing problems. I was never in my life more glad that I had affordable health insurance to help out with the bill. I just got my bill and if I had not had insurance, it would have been more than $3,000 and I just have to pay $50 it really makes me feel blessed to have good insurance for my kids especially.