Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great cheap phone service

Okay, so I have written about how we got rid of our unlimited long distance and all the other bells and whistles on our phone/dsl package. We were originally paying $100 for 6 mbps DSL and the phone. We are now getting 12 mbps DSL and basic phone (unlimited calls in, ten cents per min calling out and no long distance but we do have 911 and 800 numbers for free). The DSL and basic phone is just $45 through Windstream. Now we are going to get Skype for the long distance and to call other numbers. The Skype is about $3 per month. So for half the price I will be able to do all of the same things that I did before. I think that is pretty slick:)


Emily Retherford said...

I don't even keep a home phone anymore, but for those who do the cheaper the better!

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Natalie said...

Yeah, my husband just wants us to have it in case of an emergency. When the hurricanes came through in 2004, we still had land line but our cells did not work at all. He wants us to be able to call 911 quickly. Other than that, we probably wouldn't have it either:)