Sunday, May 9, 2010

Father's day is around the corner!

Well, now that Mother's days is about through, I am now starting to look around for something for my hubby for Father's day. I am thinking about getting him some nice personalized gifts from the boys. I mean who doesn't like those? I know that I sure do and wish that he would actually think ahead and do something like that for me and his mom! So now that I have an idea, I am going to start looking for the perfect personalize gift for him tonight. This is going to be fun!

We have a really low electric bill!

So, my hubby logged on today to see what our new electric bill was. He was so excited when he was $70!. The way we lowered it by about half or sometimes even more is we now use only those little fluorescent bulbs, making sure to turn off lights that we are not using anyway and we also do not run an AC. We are in Florida so it can get sort of hot here it has already been in the we bought a $150 pool and also a salt treatment system for it so that we do not have to buy all of those costly chemicals (the system will pay for itself and then some this summer).

Happy Mother's day!

Well, today is Mother's day! I hope that all of you out there are having a great day. This year I just spent some time with my kids mostly since my hubby had to work in the afternoon.
My husband did remember to call his mom today...but I really do wish that he has looked on line for unique gifts for her. There are so many amazing things that he could have sent to her, but he just did not think about it until it was too late. I guess it will be up to me to do it for him next year, and I will just order myself something nice while I am at it;)