Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love to get a rugged portable computer

You know, I am really starting to consider getting one of those new Rugged Portable Computer Systems. Have you seen them? Right now I have a 10inch ASUS that I love but it just isn't quite portable enough. Yeah I know that sounds funny. But I want something that is event smaller and to tell you the truth a lot more rugged than what I have now. I mean, if I turn my head for a minute, my 2 year old has my computer and you know that is not going to end well. My laptop bit the dust thanks to him. You really should see the choices though. They have really fast tablet PC's, speech to speech translation and my favorite one the Orion - 6.4” Tablet PC. It is small enough to wear and is designed for the dash of your vehicle. That way I can have it with me all the time so I can jot down quick ideas for my blogs. Talk about convenient. And it would be harder for my kids to get their little hands on. But hey, they are rugged right? So what is it that you would do with one if you had one? Do you have one already? Love to hear from you!

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