Sunday, August 7, 2011

The kids and water

Well most of our house is now rug free. We did not plan it to be this way, it sort of just happened like that. Our kids love to get in the bathroom and either put things down the sink and leave it running, or put things like an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet and then flush it. So after so many times of our house flooding, we pulled up most of the carpet. Now I wish that we had called carpet cleaning raleigh nc instead. I hate the bare floors.

CVS Photobook deal

This is a pretty good deal at CVS. If you like their photoooks, check this out: You can buy one and get one free. This offer is good until August 13th. Just enter Promo code: AUGbOOK.

One thing I want

We live in the city, so our water is er...yucky. I can't wait till I start getting some hours and we can get our A/C fixed, a new bed and maybe a nice water softener so that when I take a shower, I actually feel clean. We don't even drink the water that we end up having to pay approx $65 a month for the pleasure of using. The only upside to paying that, is that we don't have to worry about costly repairs of a well or pump, which can really be outrageous.


So, I have signed up to work for a nursing agency. Apparently the facility that I will be working at the majority of the time has been very slow at approving my back ground check which translates into me not being put on the next schedule that comes out, which translates into me being PRN until September which really sucks since school is starting back end of August, my anniversary and hubby's birthday are end of August and my middle son's birthday is in a few days:/ I had figured that I would have been working for a few weeks and wouldn't have to worry about where to pull money from to try to get money for these extra things let along help pay the bills. It so is upsetting after all of that schooling and then it feels like someone else has complete control over your life.

Can't believe that I am almost 35

Wow time sure flies by when you are busy and raising kids lol. I can't believe that I will be turning the big 35 in December. This is a magical number for women. This is the age where if you have baby, you are at increased risk for birth defects and they also consider you "advanced maternal age". This is the age that I had set for myself to be totally done having kids. Though I have more than my share of kids and I feel that I am done having them, it does make me a bit sad to realize that even if I wanted to have more, that would be the deal. I really hope that my husband remembers to send a romantic birthday gift for wife.

5th birthday coming up

Well, as usual, money is tight this time around for my middle son's birthday. I think we are going to go to the Museum (for free) and he has a $3 card for Toys R US, I should also have about $35 to send him to the dollar store with. We already ordered and paid for a really nice cake from Publix so he will have that. I also need to get him a balloon or two. I think he will have a nice birthday even though we don't have much money this time around.