Friday, January 9, 2009

Have you noticed?

Okay, have you noticed all of the different products that they are making "new and improved"?

Razors: Okay, so for hundreds if not thousands of years we got along fine with just one blade. Do 5 blades really cut that facial or leg hair any better? Is 5 better than 4? Good grief!

Maxi pads: I can understand the wings or thickness but what else? They have the different lengths, some just for night time use...the list goes on and on...I remember my mom buying a really big cardboard box of them when I was younger. They weren't even folded, were not in little plastic envelopes and I can't even remember if they had the adhesive on the back?

Diapers: I know that different brands are way different. I know they need different sizes too...But do they really need boys/girls diapers??? Why don't they just make those unisex? And no it's not just the Pull Ups either, there are some diapers that are like that...weird!

Blanket with sleeves: Okay, has anyone seen the commercials on TV with the blankets with sleeves? Has anyone else thought that they look just like a BATHROBE turned around backwards??? I mean my gawd!

Would love to hear what you think about my observations and love to hear more if you have them too!

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