Thursday, March 31, 2011

Very important

Well, I tried to get some calling around done today that I can't usually get done while I am in school. Of the few places that I called, two of them didn't have a very good small business phone systemt and ended up losing my business altogether. There is not much more that I hate than calling around and totally wasting time not being able to get a hold of someone that you want to do business with and actually give money to. Well, they should have had a better system in place because they lost out today and I am sure that I am not the only one that has moved on to bigger and better things i.e. people that actually answer their phones.


Yes I knew it. Three days straight rain and the kids have not gotten to go outside to play. They are driving me crazy and tearing things up including pulling the bolts out of their bed. I guess it is a good thing that my husband took the bunk bed down before they stated taking it apart eh?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wow am I out of the loop

I was just sitting here thinking about a couple of weeks ago. I went for a ride to lunch with a girl from class and she has a newer car (ours is 6 years old now). Well low and behold, her radio on her car has ipod docks! That was a big shock to me as our car when we bought it new has one of the new Satellite Radios in it with the Oh so cute square rubber antenna thing on the back of our car. Wow how things have changed in such a short time!

twin mattresses

So, I juts through out a twin mattress thinking that maybe it was the cause of some of my son's asthma/allergy problems. Well I am calling around and cannot find a good clean used one. One guy even told me that when they finally get them at his warehouse, he usually has to through them out they are so nasty:/ So if I don't have a couple of hundred dollars to spare, I guess I am SOL for now:/ I can't believe these things go for so much money new. I have already placed an add on CL and on FreeCycle trying to find a free or cheap CLEAN one:/ Back to my struggle.

Love to get into shape

I have been trying to figure out what to do to get back into shape. Now I say back into shape, but I really mean just into shape. I have been thin in my life, but not actually "in shape". I want to work out, I want to do oil pulls or my teeth and the rest of my body and I may even try some creatine to help build muscle. I also need to start eating better and I need to make sure that my kids eat better too. I already do not ever add any salt to their food so that they do not get into the habit of lots of salt like my hubby.


Rain, Rain go away, help keep me sane today:) My kids did not get to go outside to play yesterday or today. I am sure they are going to be a real pleasant bunch by the time they get home today and there is a Tornado Watch for our area, so we can't really drive anywhere for them to play inside. Please pray for my sanity! lol

Don't skimp

In this day and age of the ever shrinking pocketbook, it is easy to just try to skimp on the things that you think you will never need. My hubby and I talked about him canceling his disability insurance. But we decided that would not be a wise decision with the kind of job that he has and since we all depend just on his income to pay for food and a roof over our heads. As we look at his pay stubs and see that money being taken out for his insurance, I kind of have a different outlook on it now. Before I felt like it was a waste of money, but now I see that it is not just insurance but assurance that if something were to happen to him, we would get that money back and way more.

About that time again

Well, it is about that time again. What time is that you say? About time to order some new glasses from Zinni optical. I ordered 2 pairs before and loved them. One pair was a regular pair and the other was a pair of prescription sun glasses. Do you realize how much that would be in the store? For me, it cost about $25 including tax. I was so amazed. Just wish that our puppy hadn't eaten my regular pair...But yeah now it is time to order a new pair so that I can see again!

Fun, fun!

With the economy the way it has been for the past couple of years and now the cost of gas going up yet again, we have been trying to find things to either do at home or closer to home. One thing that we would like to do is camp out in our back yard. I would like to get a nice fire pit for the boys and they can roast march mallows and make some yummy smores and we can get a cheap little tent too so they can "camp out" back there. Then we don't have to waste gas or time getting there.

Picture day!

So today is picture day at school. Last year we got a big package for my older son and they came out terrible. I don't think that the teacher even combed his hair out of his face:/ So this year now that we have 2 kids in school and one in daycare that is getting pictures taken tomorrow and will need them paid in 2 weeks. We are getting the smallest picture package and class photo for the older 2 boys and then we will have to pick out the best photos of the baby from the daycare photos. I have always found that having coupons in hand and going to either Sears, JCPennys or The Picture People is always a better deal on pictures, so we are saving our money for that instead.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost done with school!

Well, I am now down to 4 weeks of class left in my nursing program. I have this week of clinicals and then next week we have off for Spring Break and then 3 more weeks after that. I really hope that I make it the first time around. I have one class that I may not pass and I will have to pick it back up in the Fall when the next class behind us is taking it. I am thinking positive thoughts, but also trying to plan for the worst just in case as well. Sometimes I think that I should have just gone to massage therapy school. I have 2 cousins, a sister and a friend that have done so and they are all doing well in it. Maybe I will do that once I am done with nursing. That would be a great asset to my patients I think.

Found a great place to eat for cheap with kids

I just wanted to post this in case others did not know this. At IHOP (International House of Pancakes), kids eat free off of the kids menu (12 and younger) with each paying adult. So we get 2 free kids meals which comes out to about $10 saved and the best part of the deal, is that our kids will actually eat the meal! So if you haven't tried them out before or it has been a long time, it would be a great place to go for a Friday evening meal. Also, it is more relaxed and so your kids (if they are like mine...) can make a little bit of noise and it is okay:)

Jacob sick yet again!

Well, last evening, I had to take my 4 year old to the Peds after hour clinic. He gets sick like the rest of us, but then doesn't get better and starts having problems breathing. I really think that I am going to end up having to buy one of those big air purifiers. Especially with all of the pollen in the air right now. I would probably end up saving money doing so because even with our really good health insurance, we ended up with a $75 bill just yesterday for the visit and the 2 prescriptions.

I pad

So have you heard that the next generation of I Pad has come out? Now you can get the old version cheaper. So if the newest gadget is not needed, why not save some hard earned dough and get the older version?