Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have been sitting here after eating dinner thinking that I really need to loose a little bit of weight. Not a lot, but some. I feel like I just don't have enough time in my day. And having to keep snacks in my house for the boys doesn't help much either. I have never been one to eat snacks. But having to get them for the boys all day long, really makes me want a little bit of what I give to them. I wonder what the best diet pills are and if they will help with this situation or not?

$30 coupon book from Start Sampling

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh joy, the aging process

Now that I am in my EARLY 30s, I have begun to think more about the aging process. You know wrinkles, crowfeet and gray hear? I am lucky that I don't have any gray hair. I think it is genetic. My mom didn't have it up into her late 30s and my dad lost it before it turned gray...I still have nice pretty young looking skin except for around my eyes. Your eyes can really give away your age. I am starting to look around for the best eye cream that I can find to take care of the problem. Hopefully it is not too late.

30 free iTune songs for Summer

I just found this and it looks pretty cool. Stanford University is giving away 30 free iTune songs. It is a summer mix. I am not on my computer right now so I can't download it myself(on hubby's big wide screen). Anyway, who doesn't love free music?


Friday, July 24, 2009

Glorious Summer Days

Between having 3 wild boys and a newly put up fence and not having an AC this summer, we have been spending a lot of time outside. My husband and I have been talking about what kind of outdoor furniture to buy. Right now we are just using those fold up chairs that you can take tailgating and I want something nicer and that will actually last for a while too. I want a whole set that matches and looks really elegant. I would love to start eating our lunches outside by the pool.

Free Chocolate Fridays!!!!

Okay so who doesn't love chocolate? I know that I do (and so do my 3 little munchkins:) Anyway...every Friday the people at Mars are giving away coupons for 250,000 candy bars. I just signed up for one and should get it in about 6 weeks in the US mail...Thought I would share this as it is still able to be used tonight even at 9pm when I am writing this. If you get it too late to use this week, try it next week. Good luck!


I just got a call from the hospital that I had my second son at. They said that I still owe $100 towards the birth of my son. I explained to them that I am not paying it because I had a really bad experience there and almost died because the Dr had to hurry up and leave the room before she was done and I had to be on IV antibiotics the whole time I was there as well as given pitosin AFTER having my son to help with the bleeding because they did not remove everything! I told her that if they do not stop calling me, I am going to get a Rochester medical malpractice attorney and sue them for pain and suffering. I don't think that they will be calling again:)

Free Steam Games!!!

Thanks to Interpol over at the slickdeals forum...

Free Steam Games!
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Being from Florida, I know all about flip flops and sandals. I pretty much live in them (at least when I am not barefooted). I even wear them in the Winter too. I just love how comfortable they feel on my feet. And since becoming a mom there is another good thing about them too. You don't have to find sock to wear with them like tennis shoes, and you don't have to spend time tying them etc. You just slip them on and go. I pretty much just have them from Target or Walmart but I have heard of some really nice Dansko sandals too. I might just check them out.

Prepaid card that can be used with Paypal

I have a PayPal account that my husband and I both use. I also started a new one so that I can start using it just for my online work. I was not able to link it to our bank account as the other one is already linked. So I new that you can use a prepaid card instead of a credit card to do so. I found this really cool deal with the FaceCard prepaid master card. It is free (and some people have gotten $10 added to their account using code JAIGUI I have not received my card yet so can not verify the $10 part but will update my post in the 7 business days that it says it will take to receive it. If you are looking for a card to link to paypal, try it out. Also, you can use this for direct deposit if you are like me and work from home and have a job that requires direct deposit. To me, it is safer then giving out your real bank account info.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Copper Sink?

You know, when we finally get to update our 1970's style kitchen, I am going to go all out and do something really nice. I am thinking about crown molding and one of those really nice copper sinks to. I think that they would really make the room look nice. It is a huge room already so don't have a problem with the area just the decor really. But that can be changed with time. Maybe once I finally get my degree right?

Victoria's Secret Promo code expires on July 26th

I just found out about this really good sale at Victoria's secret. I don't go there much because I just can't afford it with all of these mouths to feed. But I might be able to get at least something with this sale.

40% off of Clearance any one single item. Up to 80% off already marked down prices. Use promo code 40SAVE.

Add a single clearance item to your shopping bag. Enter offer code 40SAVE at checkout. Discount will be deducted from the price of your item after offer code is applied. Valid through 11:59pm EST on July 26, 2009, while supplies last. One discounted item per order. Offer valid on one clearance item only. No substitutions. Gift Cards, gift wrap and kits, shipping, handling and taxes do not qualify for offer. Offer is subject to adjustment due to returns, cancellations and exchanges. Discount cannot be redeemed for cash or used as payment towards your Victoria's Secret Angels Credit Card. Not valid on previous purchases or store purchases. For orders outside the U.S., taxes and duties may apply. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.

Place an online order of $100 or more. Enter offer code FREE100 at checkout. Shipping and Handling charges will automatically be deducted after offer code is applied. Valid through 11:59 pm EST on August 4, 2009, while supplies last. Valid for free standard shipping and handling anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Standard shipping and handling to Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Territories only $4.99. Gift Cards, gift wrap and kits, shipping, handling and taxes do not qualify toward the offer. Offer subject to adjustment due to returns, cancellations and exchanges. Not valid on previous purchases, store purchases or with any other offers that provide discounts on your entire order. Offer may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.

Love to loose some weight!

I have not been happy with my weight since having kids. I remember being ALMOST 100lbs while in High School and feeling good about my weight. I am not saying that I want to be that weight again, but I would like to be about 120 or so. I really am not too far off of that but it sure is hard to loose weight while taking care of 3 little boys that east like horses. I am trying to find the best weight loss pill that will help me.

Free portraits until Saturday!!!

I just wanted to post this for others out there that the economy has hit kind of hard too. We haven't gotten pics done of the kids in a while because it is hard for me to take 3 kids to get pics taken and also because it is so expensive!!!
Here is a link for a free portrait package from the Picture People. It is only good until Satufday though. I called to make an appointment for my sons and I got the next to the last one available at our mall. So if you are interested in it, do it now!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lossing Weight

I have really been trying to check out different ways to loose weight lately. I have been reading online, magazines even Decaslim reviews. I still have not made up my mind what will be best for me and my family too. Whatever I end up doing, I know it will have at least some sort of effect with the family. I just want to make sure that it is not something that will effect them too much you know?


In these hard time, it might be time to look into going back to school. If you are lower income or have a large household (which we do) then you may be able to have everything paid for with some left over! I just have to deal with a math class issue and after that, they say that the amount that we are expected to be able to pay towards classes is $0. So that is very good news for us. So, if you don't think that you can afford to go to school, check out your school, they will have lots of info for you on financial aid that is available.

My cute netbook

I can't tell you how much I love my laptop! Well, it's not actually a laptop it is one of those cute little netbooks. It is an ASUS eee and I love it! It is only about 10 inches instead of ac hefty 17 inches like a lot of the regular laptops. It is great for what I use it for which is writing, blogging, surging the net and a few other things. I don't need one of those big bulky things. We have a desktop for anything else that I might need a larger one for. My husband was even able to put more memory in my netbook once he knew that I would use it and like it.

Cheap or even free mik at CVS!

For $1.00 off coupon go to the following link:

The deal gets even better though!

1. This week at CVS you can buy a gallon of milk for $2.79 and you will receive $1 Extra Buck back. Use the printable coupon above and your net cost for a gallon of milk will be $.79! But wait, there's more . . . (Does this sound like an infomercial?)

2. CVS is running a special promotion on milk where when you buy 5 gallons, your 6th gallon is free. Your milk totals accumulate so you don't have buy all 5 gallons at once.

So print your coupons, buy your milk, use your extra bucks to buy more milk, and eventually you will get free milk!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love my laptop

I work from home so there is one thing that I just can not live without. It is my nice little ol' laptop. I don't even know how I got by without it. I can move around the house easily so that I can still watch and take care of my kids and still earn some money so that we can keep a car and roof over their heads. I have a 10 inch and I am looking into getting a larger one just because I like the larger screens. If you work from home and have kids. It is a wise investment as you will be able to give them better care and be able to spend more time earning money to take care of them as well.

Cash back sites

If you buy online, you really should check out some of the cash back sites that are out there. There is Ebates and even People String which I like a lot and there is also Cash Crate which I JUST LOVE! I have done work on their GPT site side but had totally forgotten about the cash back part. I could have saved 5% at Walmart on Thursday when I bought my son's backpack. Oh well. Now I will remember and I am reminding others that may have forgotten as well. Here is a break down from their site of what they pay back. It really does ad up.
So next time you are buying on line, check and see if it the store is listed.

Apple iTunes Purchase and download songs from every artist possible. 5%
Babies R Us All your baby accessories you need. 2% America's #1 blind store. 5% Clothing from all the brand name skate companies. 4%
Disney Shopping Purchase anything and everything Disney. 3%
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reserve your car rental online. 1% Toys, electronics, games and more! 3% Order flower bundles. 20%
Foot Locker Shop Foot Locker for a great selection of casual and sporting goods. 6% Save on a wide selection of diamonds, pearls, gemstones and more. 6%
LEGO Store Find all the rare, classic and new LEGOs possible. 1% Over 1,500 magazines to subscribe to. 35% Find singles in your area. 75%
McAfee Virus and anti-spyware protection. 15%
Microsoft Store Computer software, hardware, Xbox and much more. 3%
NFL Shop Apparel for your favorite NFL team. 10%
Office Depot All your office supplies and accessories. 1% Premier source for corporate office, small business or home office furniture. 5%
Wal-Mart Shop Wal-Mart for all your everyday needs.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Are you looking for a job from home?

I just wanted to share my new website with others. It's for people that want to work from home but don't want to talk on the phone. I myself work from home so that I do not have to pay daycare costs and also because I want to spend the precious younger years with my kids. I can never get those times back. But at the same time, I have to be able to make some money to supplement my husband's income as well. He just doesn't make quite enough to pay all of the bills. I also like to have a little extra every once in a while as well.
So if you are looking for a job from home (a scam free one that isn't just trying to take your money and then show you how to take someone elses) then check out my new site at

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Which one?

You know when I think about trying to loose weight, I think about all of the infomercials for things like Colonix, Dexatrim and so many more. How do you know which one is going to be the one that will actually work for you with out just wasting your money or getting your hopes up though? I guess that is my question. I am still on my never ending quest to find the perfect choice.

Free Popcorn at AMC Theatres

Here is a link for free popcorn at AMC Theaters. I wonder if this can be combined with the free movies for kids this summer? Even if you can't this is still a cool deal.

Here's a coupon for free popcorn with the purchase of a large drink.

here's the website on how to sign up for FREE

Things that make you say hmm.

You know, there are so many things that can make you feel better about yourself. Weather it be a nice relaxing massage, a pedicure or a manicure. Oh how I would love to be able to go do some of those! But there are other things that can make your body feel better and be healthier as well. I have heard of some people having (dare I say it)a colon cleanse. I haven't gotten to that point yet but it is a possibility and I know people that are getting them.

Free on your birthday

This list is via slickdeals...But thought that I would share it. So, who is taking me out for my birthday this year? lol

Birthday Freebies for Adults:

Abbotts Frozen Custard
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USA - Applebees Restaurant
Free Dessert and song - all ages

USA - Arby's
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USA - Austin Grill
Free Meal - Register online thru E-Club - for kids and adults - Locations Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.

USA - BD's Mongolian BBQ
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USA - Bailey's Pub & Grill / Fox & Hound Restraunt
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USA - Baskin Robbins Birthday Club
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USA - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Free Ice Cream - Register Online - Several Locations

USA - Bennigan's Restaurant
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USA - Carrow's Seafood Restraunt
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USA - Charlie Brown's Steakhouse
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USA - Chevy's Mexican Restaurant
Free Gift - 35 locations

USA - Chili's
Free Dessert and Happy Birthday Song - participating locations

USA - Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club
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USA - Dairy Queen
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Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club - register and get a B1G1F coupon and then get another B1G1F coupon (for Blizzard) about 1 week before your BDay: then JOIN at bottom right

USA - Damon's Steakhouse
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USA - Daphne's Greek Cafe
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USA - Famous Daves BBQ
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USA - Firehouse Subs
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USA - Friendly's Restraunt Birthday Club
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USA - Fuddruckers Restraunt
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USA - Ghirardelli Chocolate
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USA - Glory Days Grill
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USA - Gold Star Chili eClub
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USA - Golden Corral
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USA - Hard Times Cafe
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USA - Hollywood Video Birthday Club
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USA - International House Of Pancakes (IHOP)
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USA - Moe's
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USA - Tony Roma's Restraunt Birthday Club
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Stampin it!

You know, I was just thinking about some pretty cheap things that I can do to make mailings from my home business look more professional yet not cost much or be too much of a headache to do. One thing that I came up with was rubber stamps. I mean you can pick different sizes, colors and even fonts to sort of jazz things up a bit. Now I just have to figure out what I want it to look like and what color ink pad to use. I am thinking about purple to stand out a bit.

Just had to post this

Well, my brother is officially in the NAVY. I am proud of him. He didn't think that he needed a job while he was in high school and then the economy tanked and around here, it is hard to find a job even if you have a good job record. Try getting one with no record and not really being related to anyone around that does any hiring. This is a small town and most people hire people that they go to church with or that they have known their entire lives. We just moved here about 4 years ago. I really do think it will be good for him though. GO NAVY