Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need more space!

We are desperately needing more storage space for all of our "stuff". I just want to make sure that we get something that does not need a lot of painting and upkeep once we get it (Painting and making sure it does not get infested with termites. I told my husband that I really think that we should go with one of those nice steel buildings. I think that they are better for the money and will last for years more then one of those wooden storage buildings.

Buying a bed for the kids

Well, we looked around for a long time trying to find the right bed for the boys. We finally found a pretty good deal at Walmart for a Bunk Bed. I had been watching Craig's list, but there was always something not quite the way we wanted it when Bunk Beds would come up for sale. Don't get me wrong, they were anywhere from $500-$50 depending on how fancy they were but We wanted a wooden framed one that we could make into two twin beds and also a rail (since Ethan is only 5 and will be on top) and a ladder (the boys are not big enough to climb up without one). So, the one at Walmart had everything that we were looking for. We actually were able to find one in stock at a store not too far away and bought it without having to pay for the shipping or having to wait for the free ship to store. We only paid $199 for it and it also came with the slats that were close enought together that we did not have to use any bunky boards:)

*Also did not have to worry about any past recalls that we did not know about*

Oh the choices the choices...

My husband is looking for a new flat panel TV for us right now. He has been on for hours each day for the past week or so trying to find the best buy for the money. He is starting to think about buying a big monitor and hooking it up where we can watch cable from it and watch movies too. He can get a Blue Ray player for our computer lots cheaper then he can buy a regular old Blue Ray player. If anyone else is thinking about buying a new style TV, this might be an option for them as well.

Found a cool site yesterday

I found a really cool site yesterday. It is a site where you can actually purchase certificates for 1/2 off a purchase at different stores. It is best to be in a large city to use it. There are only a few places that I could use it around here. But thought that others might find it useful.

Here is the site:

Monday, April 20, 2009

With this economy...

With this messed up economy, it is a little hard to figure out what line of work is safe...My brother just went and talked with a Navy recruiter today and took his practice ASVAB. He scored really high on it (surprisingly). So, tomorrow he is going to take the real thing and then start trying to figure out what job he wants to do based on his score. I am sure that he is not going to do one of those investment banker jobs because I just don't see that he is the right material for it (although I am sure a lot of people are). I think that they might be good with a downturn in the economy as well.

Anyone else BUY coupons?

I have never bought coupons before but decided that I was going to start this past week. Let me tell you the reason why....
My husband has stopped smoking...but he has taken up chewing gum instead. And no, it's not the Nicolette gum with the nicotine in it (he uses patches instead). He likes the juicy fruit and the Dentine stuff. Well, he has been going through 3-4 packs of it a day which is really ridiculous when you think of the money spent. I got online and found 40 coupons for free gum for less then $12 which I find a bargain. I also found 35 bogo coupons for another brand as well for about $2.50. So, I spent less then $14 for about 75 packs of gum although I will have to buy 35 of them. I think that is a bargain. Especially since we know they will be used (even if he stops chewing so much the boys will help him:)
Do you buy coupons? If so, what kind do you buy?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Great CVS deals this week!

So, I have $10 extra care bucks to burn and I think that I am going to burn them buying these things...I am going to try to break them up into 2 transactions for 10.00 each...may have to add something else that is free after ecb to do it but that is fine. I just want to get lots of stuff that we will use and break even and still have the $10 left over to do next weeks deals:)

Airwick Freshmatic Mini Automatic Spray Or Lumin Air Flameless Candle$4.99
Airwick Freshmatic Mini Automatic Spray $4.00/1 printable(signup req'd)

2 ECB wyb two Pert 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner 13.5oz, Sure solid 2.6-2.7 oz. or spray 6oz. (2/$5) Limit 1 - Offer# 116901
$1 off printable coupon at
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4.99 ECB wyb Softsoap scrub body wash (4.99) 18oz Limit 1 - Offer# 11631745

3.99 ECB wyb Colgate Enamel Protect, sensitive whitening tp 6oz or 360 sensitive toothbrush ($3.99) Limit 2 Offer# 11631626
$1 off coupon

Love to go riding!

When I was a young girl I used to ride horses. I used to ride western though, but have learned about English. I really like the way that they ride and the way that they dress with those cute little breeches that they whear. I have never owned a pair but always thought that they were romantic. I would love to do some jumping and I could wear some for that too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Free formula sample

I am a nursing mom but I do like to keep some formula around just in case I get too sick to nurse or I am out and hubby is at home and needs to feed the baby. I am happy to say that I have used less then one can of baby formula and my son is now 10 months old:)
When I had my other two sons though, we did use the the store brand of formula from Walmart. It was a lot cheaper and was just as good as the name brand stuff.

Here is a link to a free sample: