Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can't wait to loose weight!

I am so super excited about the fact that I will be loosing weight soon. I have really let myself go this past 12 months and it has really taken it's tole physically and mentally as well. I am going to run, get a wii to do the Zoomba with and maybe even take some diet pills like adapexin-p to help me along. I knew that this was going to be hopeless while I was still in school as everyone including myself have been eating fast food for the convenience and the comfort as well. I can't wait to start eating home make foods again and even nice salads. I have found out that my kids LOVE the sweet baby carrots that you can buy really cheap in bags in the produce department. They don't even want to use the salad dressing that I gave them for it. Now is the time to get them eating right too!


Well, I think that all of my boys have outgrown their shorts from last year. I think that they might have a pair each that they can use right now. I guess it is about time to go to the used clothing store and see what I can find. I might even check out eBay, as I have really found great deals there in the past as well.

Come on April 30th!

I graduate April 29th, so on April 30th, I am going to start trying to get back into shape and loose some much needed weight. I am going to start running every morning and who knows, I might even take some fenphedrine to help with getting all of this weight off. I have really lost my body this last year that I have been in school. We have all been eating fast and heavy comfort foods to get through all of this, now will be the time to start feeling better about life and myself in general. I can not wait!

Nice weather

The weather here is so nice right now. I really wish that it would stay just as it is. We do not have an A/C so I am really enjoying the cool mornings right now. I know that later in the summer, we will be waking up to hat mornings as well. Oh well, soon I will be able to afford a brand new energy efficient A/C to cool our house off all summer:)

I want a boat!

I really want a boat really bad! We live about 2 blocks from the lake, so during the summer, we can hear the boats cruising around. I also want to teach my boys how to fish. Both of those things were a really big part of my childhood and I would really like it to be for them too. We just have not had the money nor the time for it yet. I really hope that it will be changing soon when I am out of school. I just hope that we can avoid having any Maritime injury while we are out having fun though.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Well, a couple of nights ago, I decided to try out Amazon Mechanical Turk again. I did three tasks and had one approved right away, there are 2 still waiting to be approved...I think I am going to dabble in this to get my youngest son a few things for his birthday which is at the end of May. We have Amazon Prime so we don't have to worry about the shipping cost, so we should be able to get quite a few free birthday gifts for him this way:)

Father's Day

Well, my hubby as started using his e-cig more which I am really greatful for. But I think for Father's Day, I will try to buy him a few Davidoff cigars as a nice treat for him. There was a point where he was buying nice cigars to smoke so I know for a fact that he will love them. Sometimes I think you just have to spurge a bit for the ones that you love. I think that he will have a great Father's day this year. I can not wait for it!

Free grilled cheese toaster sleeve

Free grilled cheese toaster sleeve and coupon from Jarlsberg cheese via Facebook
In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month, Jarlsberg USA is offering up a FREE grilled cheese toaster sleeve and a $1/1 Jarlsberg cheese! You will need to fill in your info and upload your favorite grilled cheese recipe.

This is a great idea if you have kids like mine that love grilled cheeses! I think we are going to have some tonight actually:)

Bad skin

My whole family has been plagued by bad skin for generations. The older generations have really bad acne scars on their faces. I also have a cousin and a brother that this has also really affected as well. They really should take some good acne pills though. It may help them save their skin and life long scars that the rest of our family has. I has been especially bad with the boys in our family, but my two aunts also had really bad acne as teens and do have really deep scars in their faces because of it. It is too bad they didn't so something before they had such bad scars.

Free Tree from Lowes for Earthday

Lowe's - FREE 1 MILLION trees on Earth day 4/23
Lowe's celebrating earth day by giving away 1 Million trees !!

This is a really great idea if you want to plant a tree with your kids for earth day!


Living in a house with 4 males (hubby and 3 sons), we sure have our share of Hats and Caps. We have from Comic book character hats to sport team hats. We also have hats for when it is cold out since all of my guys get their hair buzzed down with clippers. My hubby will not leave the house without a cap on. This was all new to me when I married my hubby, because my dad never wore hats (well the occasional cowboy hat when we went riding but that is it). But I think it is a great way for the 4 guys to bond and sort of look alike. They also have been able to start a nice collection at the same time.

If you use Zyrtec

If you use Zyrtec, you have to check out the off brand version at Dollar General. It was only $8.50 for 30 of them! And they work great. I did seem to get pretty tired after taking them though, but my mouth did not get as dried out as it does with the name brand. So, if you didn't know they were out there, they are definitely worth a try.

An old friend got married

And she posted some of the pictures from her wedding on Facebook. She had a very pretty dress on I think, but I actually think that the bridesmaid dresses were even prettier personally. They were the prettiest color of blue and had spaghetti straps on them. I think they were perfect for a simple spring wedding. I can't wait until my husband and I can actually have a real wedding. We have been married for 10.5 years now and I think it is about time. Don't you?

It really amazes me sometimes...

That my kids can have more fun with a broken piece off of a set of blinds than a $50 toy. Right now they are running around with one of the things that you turn to adjust a set of blinds and playing like it is a gun. What will they think of next?


Now that I am almost done with schoo, (yeah for April 29th!), I have been starting to look around for a job. I have noticed that there are many customer service jobs listed. I am really hoping that this is the start to the job market starting to look better again. One of the big reasons that I went to school in the first place, is because there were no job listings for "regular" jobs, just medical, so that is what I chose to do when I went back to school was nursing. Well, at least I know there are other things out there in case it takes a while to get hired as a newly graduated nurse.

Coupon rules may be changing

So at our local grocery store (Publix), there have been rumblings that they may be changing some of their coupon policies. One in particular is being able to use competitor coupons in conjunction with manufacturer coupons. This could put a damper in some coupon users day, I for one do not usually find many good competitor coupons, except for the $x/xx coupons which can really be great. I guess we will just have to wait and see on this one.