Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great way to save a couple bucks

This is a great way to save a couple of dollars during the holidays. If you normally use one of those plastic bags to put over your turkey while you cook it, you might want to try this. I have used this method for the last 5 years and my turkeys have been oh so juicy and tasty. All you need to do is ask the bag boy at your local grocer for a brown paper bag when you are checking out (I always ask for 2 just in case I tear one:) Anyway, you stuff your turkey the way you normally would, and put either butter or oil over the top to brown it and lock in the juices. Then you just slip it into a brown paper bag while it is the the baking pan. You then cook it as usual. You will have the best tasting turkey ever and saved a couple bucks to boot:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Free help with homework?

One thing that has really made it easier for me this time around with school, is being online. When I was in High School the internet was not even around for the general public and when I was in College before the internet was nothing like it is now. I am so grateful for sites like . You can just type in your question and they will provide an answer for you. It is GREAT! I love it. I use their service for help with homework questions, and also work for them as well. It has been great for me.
If you haven't already checked out, you really should.

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

One thing that I love about the Christmas Season is the smells. I love the smell of ham, turkey, pies and everything else that goes along with it too. One thing though that I have changed since becoming a MOM is that we now have an artificial Christmas tree. I used to love the smell of a "real" tree, but it just became too much with little ones around and of course animals too. And the prices of a "real" tree are, well a little bit unreal. Even for a really little one the prices were just outrageous! We now have a prelit 7 foot tree and it is perfect for our family and it is safer as well.

Great deal on board games

Toys R Us is having a great deal on Milton Bradley Board games. I know when I went a week ago, they had a bunch of them for 3.99. If you purchased $25 worth of them, you would get a $10 gift card back AND you could send off for rebate as well. So I bought just over $26 worth. Got a $10 gift card back immediately and sent off for $9 in reabates. So got $19 off of a $26 purchase and got 4 new board games for Christmass and that included Operation which was one of my favs when I was little:)
I know they are still doing the rebate part of it, not sure of the gift card part. But either way, it is still a very slick deal:)

During the summer

Being as busy as we have been lately. Having 3 kids, hubby in a full time job, me in school full time and our oldest in school, it has made it a lot harder to just take off and go somewhere when we want to. So, right now, I am starting to plan one of those really nice orlando vacations. It is only about 2 hours away from us and we will probably go during the spring or summer when my son and I are both out of school. That way, just my husband will have to ask for some much needed time off:)

Butterball Turkey Coupon!

If you are looking for a good way to save a couple of dollars this holiday season, check out the site below. It will give you a coupon for $2 off a whole butterball turkey. Not too bad! And it is good until December 31, 2009, so if you have already purchased your thanksgiving turkey, print one out so you will have it for Christmas:) I am going to go use mine later today when my hubby brings the car home when he gets off of work:)

Turkey Coupon!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh the fun of being in School!

I just realized a couple of days ago, that it is time to register for my new classes at school! That means having to buy new textbooks as well (Oh the Joy!). I think that I am going to try to buy them online this time around though instead of buying the really expensive books in the bookstore. I mean $157 for a Human Growth and Development book? I about died when I saw the price! And that was just for one of my 5 books:/

Nice Coupon find

So, I had one of those coupons from the paper a couple of weeks ago. It was for a Diabetic Meter. I saw that they were on sale at Walgreen's for 14.99 and the coupon was for up to 30.00 off and the store also gave $5 in register rewards good for purchase towards next purchase. I was able to use that $5 and a $1.50 coupon towards some Pull Ups that were on sale for $8.99 and I still have the meter to donate as well:) So $2.50 +tx for diapers! I find that pretty slick.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love to loose some weight!

Now that I am so busy with classes, working from home and running after my little boys, I am looking to loose a little weight. You would think that I would already loose weight with all that I do, but I haven't. A lot of the things that I do, I have to sit for...and I am always in a hurry, so lots of high sugar snacks to curb the hunger and to keep me going. I would really love to find some safe weight loss pills to help me out a bit though.

Love savin Money and you can too!

I just wanted to share some of my favorite sites with you for ways to save some great money grocery shopping.

I can not even begin to tell you how much money i have saved. On October 31, I spent $2.88, saved $112.05 AND got back $10.00 in extra care bucks from CVS. I showed the receipt to my husband and his eyes just bugged out:) hehehe

Want to further your education?

As most of you know, I have been on a quest to further my education. I have also been requested to do a review on an online university which I am proud to do.

Western Governor's University is a fully accredited University and it available totally online. They offer an online mba, as well as a College of Teaching, an IT program as well as Bachelors and Masters in Health Professions. This is great for working families that need work around their families schedules.

You can even follow them on Twitter here to keep up to date on any new developments.


I just wanted to apologize for not being around for the last few days. I have been sick (as has my family) and I have had a lot of assignments due for school as well. FUN! Anyway, now I am back and ready to rock again.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pays to look around

Today, I was at Walmart, trying to get some early Christmas shopping done. I was able to use one of my coupons that I printed for $10 off of a musical sit and spin for my youngest son for Christmas. I am so excited! I got it for $9.95 because it was already on sale at 19.95 when it was originally $25.00:) I also got a few other little things for my 3 year old. He loves tractors so he is getting some of those. Before I left home though, I looked up one of the Power Ranger figures that my oldest son really wants. The Walmart site says that it is on clearance for $17.00 and has free shipping to store. While I was at Walmart, I thought that I would check it out and it didn't have a price tag on it, so I went wondering around for a barcode scanner that would show me what it cost. I couldn't find one that would scan it so I took it to the check out to have a price check done. It was still $25 and they don't adjust the prices to the needless to say, I am buying online and will just pick it up after class so that I don't waste money going to pick it up:) It pays to shop around. That has saved me $8 just on that one little toy:)

Saving big with coupons!!!

I am so excited! I am saving so much money by using coupons while products are on sale! I had some really good coupons for Nestle Toll House Cookie dough today. They are normally $3.50 or so for one package. They were on sale BOGO AND I had coupons for $1.00 each one. That made it about .75 cents each!!! Needless to say, I bought a bunch of them and froze most of them:) The kids love the stuff and we go though it like there is no tomorrow. In fact, we usually don't even get it because it is so expensive (when you are buying for 6 people that is.) I usually make my cookies from scratch, but it has been so hectic around here, that I haven't had the time or energy to do it (and just the chips for them would be more than that anyway:.)
So, if you haven't already checked out the use of coupons, you really should do it. I am spending about 1/3 of what I did before I started, and I am able to start stockpiling foods. Before, I was running out of things and having to really get creative before my hubby got paid again:)

A really good site to get multiple couponsn is:

the coupon clippers

Or you can check out eBay as well:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Insurance is a must!

My husband has excellent health, disability and dental insurance through his work. We have all three of them for our family now when really makes me feel more secure for our family's health and well being. My husband and I are now looking for some good term life insurance. We are still young, but accidents do happen as well as diseases. Nobody plans to get sick while they are young. I lost my mom as a teenager though, and I do not know how our family would have gotten through that time without the money from an insurance policy.


I am majorly into couponing now. I think it is actually a therapy for me to cope with all of life's little stressors right now:) I have been going to Publix with my coupons in hand and I am very happy to say that I have cut my cost down to about 33% of what it has been. Believe me when I say that is a lot when you have a family of 6. My kids have actually been liking the food more as well. I am also loving the CVS and the Walgreen's deals as well.