Monday, January 5, 2009

New Business?

You know, I keep hearing that right now is not a good time to startup a new business. And then I hear information to the contrary. Small businesses are actually the largest employers in America so they are really the most important. I think that right now, it all depends on what the business is or if it is needed as to if it will pan out of not. I also think that someone starting a new business should have either some sort of savings or another job to keep them afloat either until their business starts to make money or until they make sure that they want to continue in the business.
Do any of you have any sort of experience in starting your own business? I would love to hear it.


5WA said...

I noticed you linked on the Washington Post article, Staying Employed in Turbulent"

You may want to mention that if you have a job and need to look, try They will search and apply for you and give you of list of positions they applied on your behalf. This is great if you don't have time or are inexperienced.

I have had three interviews in the last two weeks by using I pay a small fee and they have people search and apply for me. This has really helped take the pressure off me. A great attribute is - I no longer have to fill out each online application. They do it for me.

The big upside is this allows me to focus on networking and following up with their leads. I get a daily report that details the position, job link and company to which they have applied. I highly recommend This would also be great for college students and if you already have a job as they can search and apply as based upon your
target criteria - location, exclude/include companies, resume and cover letter.

One customer is using JobSerf to expand her reach. She said, this has expanded her reach about fifty percent. She has asked JobSerf not to monitor specific sites because she can do this with her spare time. However, this allows her to expand her job search coverage so JobSerf is now looking at other sites and expanding her reach.

I am an advisor to JobSerf and was laid of from my full-time position. Hence I have started using JobSerf and this has helped me get interviews. Next one is Tomorrow at 10 AM.

5WA said...

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