Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New TV

We just got a new 42 inch Television. It is set up with the WIFI and everything. Things sure have come a long way since I was a kid and there was the wooden floor model 25 inch TV with NO REMOTE. I was the remote and my parents did not let me forget that...Now there are flat panel mounts so that your TV is not taking up your entire floor and your don't have to buy a TV stand for them, which as sensitive as these things are, you really want them bolted to the wall anyway so that they don't fall and break as easy.

I am so tired!

Well, it rained yesterday. Thank goodness the boys all had been swimming in our pool after school and were tired when it started, so they went and laid down. So that gave me a little bit of time to be able to get a rest as well. I have been averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night so this was very much needed. I woke up this morning to my clothes not being dry. Apparently my dryer that I bought back in 1995 is finally dying on me. I guess I will have to hand our clothes out to dry on our fence since we don't really have anywhere for a clothes line in back. I just hope that it doesn't rain so that I can do the wash and that the humidity doesn't make it take forever.