Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insurance switch?

We are really trying to get some of our expenses down around here. We are thinking of maybe changing our house insurance and looking for a better rate on our car too since we just paid it off. I just found a great wholesale insurance site that I think I am going to look into further. I have been with my auto insurance company for about 13 years though and when we have had accidents, they have been great, so the rate would definitely have to be a lot lower for me to switch.

Great deals at Walgreens this week!

If you haven't checked out yet this week, you really should! There are quite a few items that end up being free after RR.

If you haven't heard of before, you really need to head on over there and check out the great Walgreens deals. They have the great sales items and coupon match ups too. Can't go wrong with that!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Lands End Giveaway

I love Lands end. They have a lot of really nice clothes that end up lasting a really long time.

I am proud to tell my readers about an event that Land's End is doing right now. They are holding a giveaway. You can go here HERE to enter for a Grand Prize trip or you may be one of the lucky ones to win a $100 gift card and tote.
This is an awesome giveaway. So go play, vote and enter today!

*I am participating Lands' End Harbour Island blog promotion.

Monday, March 22, 2010

wanting a new tv for my room

My husband and I are really wanting a nice tv for our bedroom. As it is right now, we do not even get to watch anything on our nice new flat panel tv in the living room. Right now, we have our eyes open for some really good tv deals so that we can get another one for our room. I think it would be nice to just lay in bed after the kids go to bed and watch a good movie again!

Love to go to a movie

I would really love to get out of the house for a bit to watch a movie with my hubby just the two of us. Usually, my husband is the one that goes to the movies and takes the older two boys while the baby and I just stay home. We tried taking him to a movie (Planet 51) and I hardly got to see any of it because he was crying and only wanted to run down the hall at the theater. I am thinking of asking my hubby's aunt and uncle to watch the kids for us one night so that we can get out and watch a good movie. I do not even remember the last "date" that we went on.

Skin care

One of the acne or skin products that I have seen for years in advertisements is proactiv. I have personally never tried them but have friends that have. They all had varying degrees of benefit from it. The people on the commercials really seem to have gotten very good results. Sort of makes me want to try it and see if it works as well for me.

PS2 games

One thing that I noticed today while at the game store was the PS2 games. They are $10 and lower. I really wish that our new PS3 was backward compatible (could play ps2 games on it) but it is not:/ Most of the games that we have for our new console are for our little boys. They do not care if the games are the best new thing or if they have been out for a few years. They do love their Lego Batman, Indiana Jones and Star wars games though...Now just trying to get the Lego version of Rock Band;)

looking for eye cream

With a very limited amount of expendable income, I have to be careful about what I spend my money on. However, I do want to take care of my skin while trying to save money doing it. Right now, I am trying to find some of the best eye cream. I know that my mom used to use some really good cream, but now that she is no longer around, I can't ask her what it was and I just can not remember what it was for the life of me!

Got a new online job

I am so happy! I got a new job online! I am going to be answering short answers for the site I have already done a few answers and it seems to be very good money and not take too long either. I really hope that it turns into a great money maker. I am very excited!


After actually gaining weight after having my wisdom teeth pulled, I have decided that I really do need to look into a good diet supplement. I expected and hoped to be one of the people that actually lost about 10 lbs after having 4 teeth pulled, but no, not me! I am now at my heaviest and I am really not enjoying it. I can really tell a big difference in my energy level and it is really bothering me. I really need to get this under control before it gets too far out of hand.

Savings sites

I wanted to take the time to remind everyone to make sure to check your deals sites before heading out to the store!

Also, do not forget to use your bigcrumbs account for your purchases toSave Money Buying things on eBay and more!.

A penny saved really is a penny earned:)


My face has been breaking out a bit lately. I guess it is hormones. I am really starting to look around for the best acne face wash that I can afford. I am sure that a lot of them do not actually work, but I know that some work a lot better than others too. I would really like to find the best one without having to waste a lot of time and money to do it.

buying or selling video games

So, on my way out the door to get my dog's nails trimmed today, my husband gave me one of his games that he wanted to trade back in since he beat it and wanted a new one. The one he was trading in was still selling for $54.99 and they only wanted to give me $15 for it! WTH is that all about? So called hubby and told him we are listing it on eBay and we will just buy the other game without trading it in. He looked on eBay and they are going for twice what the store was going to give us:/
So, just a heads up, if you need the instant gratification, the game stores are for you, if you can wait a few days for one to be shipped to you, look online and save a lot of money!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Got Wrinkles?

Since I am getting a little bit older now, I have started seeing some new wrinkles come in. Mostly around my mouth or my "smile line". I didn't think that I smiled that much, but okay:) Anyway, I have started thinking about getting some wrinkle filler to help take care of it. I am not quite ready to start looking my age or maybe even older if I don't do something about it. I have always looked younger than I am so it has really been a little bit traumatic to me.

Great deal at Publix on Cereal

I was at Publix today getting the BOGO V8 Fusions and I went down the cereal isle. I ended up getting 6 boxes of cereal. They had Chocolate Rice Crispies and Fruit Loops BOGO for 3.99 and they had coupons in the machines for .70 off of each box. So 2 boxes were 2.59. You really can't get much better than that. With the way my boys go through cereal, I have to get the most that I can as cheap as I can and try to store it away.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Computer illiterate

I really do not know too much about computers. I have used one every day for the past 12 years or so but I consider myself very lucky to even know what a USB drive is. Do not even ask me what a KVM switch is, because all that I know is that it has to do with servers. My husband takes care of a lot of our computer software upgrading and buys our hardware as well. I am just along for the ride!

Oral Surgery!

So, one of the reasons that I have not been posting as regular as I had been, is because I had some oral surgery done. I finally after about 10 years of wanting and needing to have my wisdom teeth removed got it done. We finally had good dental insurance, the money for our portion, time for my husband to take off and I wasn't pregnant! You do not know how much I prayed for this to happen and I am so glad to have it behind me! I am someone that is scared to death to be put under for any sort of surgery and would much rather feel the pain then the fear of not waking up. I had it done with about 20 shots and a little nitrous and had all 4 of them out. I am a happy camper!

Glad to have work

I am so glad to have at home employment right now. I personally know a lot of people that are not able to find work and have been layed off for a really long time. I do not know what we would do in that situation since we do not have family that could really help us out in time of trouble. That is another reason why I am taking classes right now so that when all of my kids are in school, I will be able to work outside of the home and make some good money!

I am back again!

Wow! Where did the time go? I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted but I just had so much going on which of course I will write a little about in the future. I am just glad that some things have settled down enough where I can actually site down and take a little breather and write!