Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I wonder what is better for business?

So, I have my site up for my new business and I have also listed 2 auctions on Ebay as well. I have a few watchers on Ebay and the auctions end later on today. I hope that I sell at least one of the items, because that will really help my confidence level a lot. Not that it is too bad right now. I know that I just need to advertise my items and they will sell once people start seeing them and probably when people start buying again after Christmas as well.
Do any of you sell things online? I am thinking of using etsy.com as well, but I don't think that it is as popular as Ebay. On nice thing is that my site www.uniquekidsboutique.com is listed first on google so that is really nice too. I just have to mess around with the site and template some more so that it looks a little bit better. If anyone here uses a store front or something like that for an online business I would love to hear your experience as well.

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