Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save money when going out.

We live about 20 minutes from the nearest real shopping area. So that means that most likely we will have to get something to eat while out with the kids. Someone is bound to get hungry. As well as if you go into say the Walmart Super Center with a full belly or at least not starving, you come out not buying up the whole place. Today, while Ethan was at school, my brother, my 2 year old and I decided to go finish up with our Christmas shopping. We loaded up and I realized that we hadn't eaten yet. So I ran back inside and grabbed a box drink for my son and a Mountain Dew for my brother and I to share. You will think I am so cheap for doing this but...We went to Burger King and spent less than $4 for all of us. Jacob got a plain Whopper Jr. (to go with his box drink), my brother and I each got a Whopper Jr as well but had it all the way (to go with our Mountain Dew). And I asked for two ice waters. We poured out the water and poured in the Mountain Dew and there we go. A $4 meal for 3 people:) Of course we could have just taken the time to eat at home but we just didn't have it as we had to come back and get Ethan from school. It also gave us just enough of a treat to say we did it and we didn't buy out Walmart either:)
Do you have a cheap trick or slick idea that you do when you go out? Tell me about it I would love to hear it.

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