Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cheap phone service

Well, we have finally found a way to cut down on our phone service. At one time, we were paying $100 a month just for 2 cell phones for emergencies/to get in touch with each other. We have gotten that down to $20 every 3 months, because we only need one phone, and we have gone to a prepaid phone through Virgin Mobile. It is really all that we need. There is also a way to get free minutes every month watching commercials. Each one is supposed to be a minute long (some much shorter) and for watching and rating it, you get a free minute. You can do up to 5 per day. We have never gone over our amount and each month our number of minutes roll over so we have more.
When we first moved into our house (3 years ago), we were not able to just have DSL without phone service in our area. I just checked again and now we are. We are going to get our Internet/phone bill down to $45 from $100. So if you had the same situation as us, you might want to check into it again and see if it is available. We are going to use Skype out which is only $3 a month to make calls out so that we don't use our minutes up on our cell phone. But we will be able to get important calls and see who has called by our caller ID on the cell.

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