Saturday, December 13, 2008

Save money on baby food

One great way to save money if you are a new mom is to make your own baby food. My 6 month old has been exclusively breast fed so that has saved us a lot of money. Now it is time for him to move onto better things. I got one of those self feeders (the kid that has the little mesh screen that the baby chews on to get the food out). I bought this for putting bananas in instead of banana baby food. I just take the tip off of a banana that I am going to give to my 2 year old and put it into the mesh thing. Seth loves it too. He is a chewer but does not have any teeth yet. The feeder was $3.99 at CVS (probably cheaper other places). The baby food for 2 containers of banana was $1.39. So you see how quickly you will save money. The only drawback is that the mesh fabric is that it is sort of hard to clean but worth it because it is saving money and it is better for the baby. I have been siting him in his swing with it while we eat dinner and it makes him feel like he is doing what the rest of us are doing which is nice.

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