Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby clothing suggestion

Being a mom of three boys, I have bought my share of kids clothes. One slick mom suggestion that I have for moms to be or new moms, is to buy clothes a size too large. No of course you would have a few outfits for going out to the store or to visit friends and family that do fit right. But at my house, I nor my kids care if their clothes fit. Especially the baby. I never by the cute little newborn clothes that my 2nd son never would have fit in anyway. I don't even by 0-3 month size. I start out with size 3-6 months. I mean if you are low on cash like we are, your family should understand that the baby is in clothes a little too big right? If they don't, then maybe they will buy you some. In a family like ours that has lots of different sizes, this really helps cut down on the clutter as well. So don't go wasting your money on clothes that will only fit for a couple of weeks. Oh and try to shop at consignment shops for nice quality clothes that will last a while as well. Hope this helps someone out there. Let me know some of your kid clothes money saving tips as well.

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