Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Money saving tip for batteries

If you are like our family, if you don't already use rechargeable batteries, you really should start. Not only is it nicer to not be throwing all of those dead batteries in the landfill, you also end up saving money over time. If you have or are going to have a battery operated baby swing this is a big MUST. In fact, 4D rechargeable batteries and a charger would be a great baby shower gift. It might seem odd, but the parents to be would be very appreciative later. Could litterally save them over $100 or much more. We have rechargeable for all of the kids toys and it is very nice to know that we are not "out of batteries". Plus, if you check your paper or watch your CVS/Walgreens sales papers, there are a lot of times coupons for extra savings that are only good for the rechargeables.

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