Monday, April 13, 2009

Great CVS deals this week!

So, I have $10 extra care bucks to burn and I think that I am going to burn them buying these things...I am going to try to break them up into 2 transactions for 10.00 each...may have to add something else that is free after ecb to do it but that is fine. I just want to get lots of stuff that we will use and break even and still have the $10 left over to do next weeks deals:)

Airwick Freshmatic Mini Automatic Spray Or Lumin Air Flameless Candle$4.99
Airwick Freshmatic Mini Automatic Spray $4.00/1 printable(signup req'd)

2 ECB wyb two Pert 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner 13.5oz, Sure solid 2.6-2.7 oz. or spray 6oz. (2/$5) Limit 1 - Offer# 116901
$1 off printable coupon at
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4.99 ECB wyb Softsoap scrub body wash (4.99) 18oz Limit 1 - Offer# 11631745

3.99 ECB wyb Colgate Enamel Protect, sensitive whitening tp 6oz or 360 sensitive toothbrush ($3.99) Limit 2 Offer# 11631626
$1 off coupon

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