Monday, April 20, 2009

Anyone else BUY coupons?

I have never bought coupons before but decided that I was going to start this past week. Let me tell you the reason why....
My husband has stopped smoking...but he has taken up chewing gum instead. And no, it's not the Nicolette gum with the nicotine in it (he uses patches instead). He likes the juicy fruit and the Dentine stuff. Well, he has been going through 3-4 packs of it a day which is really ridiculous when you think of the money spent. I got online and found 40 coupons for free gum for less then $12 which I find a bargain. I also found 35 bogo coupons for another brand as well for about $2.50. So, I spent less then $14 for about 75 packs of gum although I will have to buy 35 of them. I think that is a bargain. Especially since we know they will be used (even if he stops chewing so much the boys will help him:)
Do you buy coupons? If so, what kind do you buy?

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