Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buying a bed for the kids

Well, we looked around for a long time trying to find the right bed for the boys. We finally found a pretty good deal at Walmart for a Bunk Bed. I had been watching Craig's list, but there was always something not quite the way we wanted it when Bunk Beds would come up for sale. Don't get me wrong, they were anywhere from $500-$50 depending on how fancy they were but We wanted a wooden framed one that we could make into two twin beds and also a rail (since Ethan is only 5 and will be on top) and a ladder (the boys are not big enough to climb up without one). So, the one at Walmart had everything that we were looking for. We actually were able to find one in stock at a store not too far away and bought it without having to pay for the shipping or having to wait for the free ship to store. We only paid $199 for it and it also came with the slats that were close enought together that we did not have to use any bunky boards:)

*Also did not have to worry about any past recalls that we did not know about*

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