Monday, February 9, 2009

Great New Mail Box!

I have been thinking about doing something about our rather drab mailbox. I started surfing the net looking for mailboxes that were different but not too expensive either. I found this really cool site called Mailbox and Beyond. They have so many nice mailboxes. I really like the painted birdhouse one personally, but they also have some others such as some with flowers and even a gingerbread man one. I thought that would be really cute around the holidays.
But that is not all that they have. They also have some really cute
address plaques. I would love to replace the ones that we have with something maybe to match the mailbox? And would also love to get some new house numbers as well.
And if those are too flashy for you, they also have some really nice whitehall products as well.
So check them out and see if you can find your perfect item as well.

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Unknown said...

We've been looking for a company that makes good address plaques. Thanx! We had a tough time trying to find someone who offered affordable and quality bronze plaques for a memorial at our local park for my brother. We finally found a website that gave us awesome service and the plaque looked great too.