Monday, February 2, 2009

Made my own baby food!

Well money has been really tight lately, so I bit the bullet and bought some frozen veggies and made my own baby food. I still can not find my steamer so had to make it on the stove top. I made sure not to put too much water in it though, as I did not want to pour out too much of the nutrients. I made my first batch out of peas and I left it a little thick so I could add water to it if needed and I always mix either baby rice or baby oatmeal with the food as well. I am happy to report that Seth loved it! He actually fell asleep not too long after eating it too which really made me happy. I calculated the cost and it is about 1/5 of what I would be paying for the store bought baby food. I also bought a big jar of apple sauce for breakfast and I am going to freeze what I don't use in the first day or two in the ice cube trays the say way that I did with the peas and then I can just mix that with oatmeal in the morning for him. That is $1.75 for 32 oz of apple sauce instead of 8 oz of the same thing but in the baby food containers. I also have frozen mixed veggies and squash and carrots that I need to prep for his baby food too. But just wanted to make sure that I did it right first with the Peas. I was able to fill up 2 ice cube trays with one 16 oz bag of veggies. All you have to do is cook (either steam or in water on the stove top) and then blend to the texture that you want and then freeze in the ice cube trays and then put in a Freezer bag. So easy and save soo much money!

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