Friday, February 27, 2009

Word to the wise about Skype

Okay I will be the first to tell you that I do love Skype. BUT I do have one problem with them. When I signed up for the unlimited service, they sent me a code for $30.00 off of an online number. So I thought that was the total amount. So I went ahead and picked a number and then it said thanks for purchasing and showed that they took $30 out of my PayPal account to cover it. Nowhere on the site did it say that the number was $60 normally and that they were taking 50% off... and there never was a confirmation page either just went to thanks for your purchase. I feel that is false advertisement. I have emailed them numerous times to let them know that I did not want the phone number and to try to get them to refund my money. I just keep getting these form letters sent to me which do not address anything at all like what I have emailed them about. So customer service is really awful and I think that they are overseas which makes it even more fun:/

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