Thursday, November 6, 2008

Watch out when trying to buy something through classified adds.

Okay, my brother that lives with me is only 19. He is trying to find a motorcycle so that he can afford to go to work in another town. He will have cheaper gas and no insurance to pay either.
Well, he found a bike on a popular online motorcycle classifieds site and decided that he wanted to buy it. Well they guy told him that he would ship it and gave him the name of a shipper that he would use and he had to create an account and then Pay VIA WESTERN UNION and the contact name was in LONDON UK!. I wrote him a really respectful message back and he said that he has used this service before blah, blah, blah. I asked if he would take PayPal or any other form of payment because I didn't feel comfortable with this situation and that even Craig's List warns of Scams with Western Union and foreign countries. Needless to say. No email back. I also did a who is on this guy and the "third party shipper's website" was only registered on October 16Th of 2008! One other thing that i noticed when going back into my brother's email was that my brother asked him how much it would cost to ship and the guy said "don't worry about the cost to ship as I will handle all of that". He also used lots of "!" instead of periods. I also googled the guy's address that was in the supposed third party's account information and it was a resteraunt. So please, please, please! Do your research if you are buying from a private person online. My brother almost lost $3,000. I have also flagged the listing as well.
Let me know if you have ever come across anything like this?

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