Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you need to send a fax

I have been trying to figure out a great way to send faxes from home. We live in a small town and there is not anyone around that will send faxes like Office Depot etc. Most of the online fax companies charge a set up fee and a monthly fee (to be able to send some do it free for receiving faxes) and you have to give your credit card info to them and then be at their mercy to cancel if you choose to do so. My computer does not have a phone jack in it to be able to just use the software to send it over the phone line anymore either so that option is pretty much out for me. I have found many used fax machines online on FreeCycle, Ebay and other sites as well. Most actually go for the same price as one month of online fax service and it is also more secure (feel more comfy sending my credit card info and such). So that is probably what I am going to go with. If anyone out there knows of a cheaper way to go which is also pretty secure, please let us know.

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