Friday, November 7, 2008

Really cheap newspaper subscription

I am always trying to get the Sunday paper so that I can get the coupons. The papers around here are $1.25 on Sunday and I have to go out to find one as well and have the change on me which I never carry cash because I use my debit card. I just found this great deal on The Washington Post and they do carry coupons by the way. So I thought that I would share. Let me know if you sign up and what you think:)

Washington Post Sunday subscription - 49 cents/week for 26 weeks
Washington Post is offering a promo for NEW subscribers:

Limited Time Offer - expires November 25, 2008

Sign Up today for Washington Post and you'll get 26 weeks of Sundays for 49 cents a week (67% savings). Or subscribe 7 days a week for just 99 cents a week (78% savings)

Call toll free 1-877-332-3717, ext 13 or visit

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