Saturday, December 12, 2009

My CVS deals for today

I had two great deals at CVS today so I just had to share them.

1st Transaction
1 package of PullUps 8.97 Saved 3.02
1 Bayer Contour Meter 14.99
1 Gallon of Milk 3.19

4.00 ecb when you buy 20 from holiday booklet

Total 7.68 (on giftcard:)
Got back 9.00 Extra Care bucks

While I was there the manager was the one that was checking me out...I happened to mention that I had some family issues this past week and accidentally let 2 ecb (9.99 and 10.99) runout:/ She said to bring them in and she would honor them for me:)

2nd Transaction

2 PulUps 2x 8.97
1 can of Right Guard Clinical Strengh on clearance (was 9.99 now 2.50)
1 Folgers Coffee 11.99 (hubby:/)
1 Phillies Blunt 5pk 4.59 (hubby:/)
1 schick quatro for women 2.99
-1.50 cvs coupon
-9.99 expired ecb
-10.00 expired ecb
total 20.41
-17.32 gift card balance
paid 3.09 oop

And when we opened the box that the Right Guard came in, there was a 2.00 off coupon! So tomorrow I am going back for some fifty cent deodorant for my hubby:)

I think that was pretty good! Now my boys have enough pullups to probably get us through the next month!

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