Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lowering some bills and making it count

My husband has been paying for some accident insurance for me through his work that we are actually going to cancel (since I am just working from home now). The difference that we are going to save will actually cover the cost of some dental care discountsthat I have been looking into. We all need our teeth cleaned and probably some fillings too. And a lot of the programs actually cover about 25% of other things as well (hubby and I both need our wisdom teeth out still:/ So I really do think this is a good choice for us. The last time that I took Ethan in for a dental checkup, it was $70 and that was at a discount sliding scale place and that was just for a visit, bite wings and fluoride treatment. And there are 6 of us that are supposed to be going twice a year! Yeah I would say it's a wise investment.

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