Sunday, May 17, 2009

Used appliances

This is my new stove:)

I have really been needing a stove...only one burner still worked on mine and of course it was a small one. This really made things fun when making dinner (especially since we are southern and have sweet iced tea with dinner). Making dinner and tea had grown into this about 2 hour ordeal for me. Well, I found a really nice couple of year old one on Craigs list. It had the digital timer, self cleaning and all. It had everything that I wanted except for the glass in the door to be able to watch the food cook. It was listed for $100 or best offer. I of course offered less than $100 ($50 to be exact and thinking that they would counter my offer at more then $50 but less then $100). To my great surprise, the lady emailed me back stating that I could have it for the $50 if I could pick it up the next night at 8pm. I was able to do that and I got it! The lady had just bought the house and turned everything over to natural gas. That was the only reason that she got rid of it. Nothing wrong with it at all:)
So, if you need a new or new to you appliance, definitely check out Craig's list in your area. There are some real ripoffs on there, but there are some really great deals as well. You just have to search. Also, if you live near a college town like I do, when the semesters end and the students graduate, make sure to keep an eye out for barely used furniture for really cheap too:)
Do you have any stories about appliances or furniture that you have gotten off of Craig's list? I would love to hear them.

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