Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring has sprung and got the itch to organize!

So, it is the middle of May. The weather is gorgeous out. It always makes me want to start Spring Cleaning and organizing my house. Especially now since we have so many people in our home with so many things. One thing that I am really wanting to get is a really nice Shoe Organizer . I think that I would love to put one right near the front door and also one in each bedroom.

Another thing that I think would really help with the clutter in our home is to get a Room Divider for our home office space. Right now, we just have two computers set up on a desk in our dining area. I think that this would be a safe way to store things and make them look really nice at the same time. There are so many to choose from. Also, they seem to be a safe alternative to an actual heavy shelf since we have small children.

There are so many choices, now I just need to narrow down to something that both my husband and I both like.

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