Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Got a new camera!

I am so happy! My husband bought me my Mother's day present and gave it to me early. It is the Samsung S860 camera in pink. It is only 8.1 mega pixels but our last one was only 5 point something so this is a big step up for us. I know that there are some with 10 and 12 now but I think that is a little overkill and just a waste of money for us right now for what we want to do with it. We just want to take pictures of the kids and maybe post some pictures online. So, before you go out and waste money on a camera with 12 mega pixels, make sure that you really need it. I thought it was really sweet of him to get me a pink camera. I feel so not girly with all these boys around. This helps a bit though:)

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