Friday, October 2, 2009

Vehical Accident

About 4 years ago, I got rear ended 2 times within a month. My car got totaled (it was only 5 years old and I had paid it of:( I also got injured pretty bad (neck, lower back and my right foot.) Both times, I was at a red light and the people behind me were not paying attention. The first one was a high school girl that fell asleep driving herself and her little sister to school (second accident for her by the way...) The second one was a Dodge heavy work truck four door with the yellow lights on the top of it. I was sitting at a light about to turn right and saw a truck to my left blow through a red light just as my light turned green so I sat at the light so I wouldn't get Tboned. The big Dodge that was coming up behind me never stopped! Just hit me and my natural reaction was to hit my break so that I wouldn't end up in the intersection and really get hit...Anyway...he was late to work and not paying attention. He gave false insurance information and it was just a nightmare. I had to go to lots of physical therapy and I am still in pain 4 years later. I really wish that I had contacted Seattle personal injury attorneys to help me out. ugh!

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