Friday, October 2, 2009

Free Sample Nutri Dog Chews

Okay so you can be a "mom" to four legged babies too...(and I hope to be soon, probably in Novemember). I have been looking around for some free dog treats and food so that I will have them around and available when we adopt or new furry baby:)

Free Sample of Nutri-Dog Chews
Pill-strength nutrients.
Great taste. Your dog will love you.

Try a FREE Sample Today
Nutri-Dog™ Chews in three varieties for small, medium, and large dogs:
Hip & Joint chews with Glucosamine
Skin & Coat chews with Omega 6 & 3
All Natural Dental Treats
Whether you are a dog or a human, Nutri-Dog™ Chews are exactly what you are looking for in a dog chew. Delicious enough to make their tails wag and nutritious enough to make a real difference!


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