Friday, October 10, 2008

Hubby is getting creative and saving some money too

We have had our two computer chairs for about 7 or 8 years now. The padding was starting to get really warn down in one of them and my husband just couldn't stand it anymore. So, he took the chair apart with a screwdriver and then took the cover off of the seat of the chair all of the way down to the padding. We had a few couch cushions that we kept when we got rid of an old couch for the boys to play with so he took one of those to make into the cushion. He cut it to fit and then put the cover back on and stapled it back in place (which is how it was tacked down in the first place). You can't even tell that the chair was ever taken apart! It's like having a new chair again. This chair cost us about $100 when it was new and we just do not have the money to replace it right now. So we saved the couch cushion and the chair from their doom at the landfill. Feeling pretty good about that:)
I told my husband that he is feeling the depression area spirit.


Carrie said...

My husband is crafty like that, too! Sure has saved us a lot of money over 20 years! Carrie
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J said...

Well that's cool, at least he saved you some money!

- said...

Recycling, I love it! You're lucky to have a handy man like that around.

There's a blog award waiting for you over on Shrinking Pamelalala. Stop by and pick it up. And you can bring that handy husband of yours too. LOL

Lolly said...

Great job!! Wish mine would do stuff like that!!
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Unknown said...

It's great having an innovative hubby...mine is like that too!

Unknown said...

What a handy guy to have around!

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