Friday, October 31, 2008

Save those bread bags

Okay I know that this is going to sound more like cheap mom than slick mom, but just have to put this out there.

I recently ran out of gallon sized freezer bags and had to bread some chicken. I can't stand to do it in a bowl or on a plate because you waste so much mix and you also make a huge mess. So what I did is grabbed a bag that a loaf of bread came in. I poured the mix into the bag and as they "shake and bake". It is the perfect size, free and we go through a few loaves a week here in our house so we always have them. It really cuts down on having to buy more freezer bags. I have noticed that they have started going up in price lately. Has anyone else? I also started using Tupperware like containers in the freezer instead of bags. I think it actually helps the meat keep for longer anyway and if you already have them, its free!

Let me know what you think of this money saving tip. Love to hear from you.


Carrie said...

That jogged my memory...I remember my grandmother, who grew up during the great depression, using bread bags for breading meat and also to store stuff.
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Natalie said...

Yeah I have thrown some hamburger meat in the freezer in a bread bag before as well. I think it is fine if you are going to use it quickly. I knew that I would be using it within a week but didn't want it to go bad. I don't think that I would do it for a long period of time though just because of freezer burn. It sure is a lot easier than dragging 3 kids up to the store though just to safely put some meat away:)