Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can't wait to loose weight!

I am so super excited about the fact that I will be loosing weight soon. I have really let myself go this past 12 months and it has really taken it's tole physically and mentally as well. I am going to run, get a wii to do the Zoomba with and maybe even take some diet pills like adapexin-p to help me along. I knew that this was going to be hopeless while I was still in school as everyone including myself have been eating fast food for the convenience and the comfort as well. I can't wait to start eating home make foods again and even nice salads. I have found out that my kids LOVE the sweet baby carrots that you can buy really cheap in bags in the produce department. They don't even want to use the salad dressing that I gave them for it. Now is the time to get them eating right too!

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