Sunday, September 21, 2008

My CVS run 9/21

Well I went to CVS today to do my deals. I was buying Gatorade, deoderant and bodywash for my hubby. I did not have coupons and only spent approx 6.00 total. This is what I did:
1st transaction: Bought Nivea for men body wash 4.99-4.99 extra care bucks back

2nd transaction: Bought Addidas for men deoderant 4.99-paid with 4.99 ecb and got 4.00 ecb back

3rd transaction: Bought 5-32oz Gatorades (reg. 1.99 each) 5/$5 paid with my 4.00 ecb and another 1.07 out of pocket and got 3.00 ecb back.

So paid 6.00 cash out of pocket and have 3.00 extra care bucks left. Our family has 2 cards so I did this twice at 2 different CVS's. I thought this was a pretty good deal with no coupons to deal with. Oh and a $4/20 coupon printed on my second card as a bonus! lol So I will have $7 towards my next purchase of $20 or more at CVS next time I go. Now I just need to try to look through some coupons for another good deal. I would really like to keep rolling extra care bucks. Hope this helps someone else as well. Our money is VERY tight right now so any way to save a few bucks is great!


Lolly said...

I love CVS!! I rolled all of my ECB's a couple of weeks ago-I have not had time to go through my sales papers this week! Hopefully I can get to it soon!!
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Natalie said...

Yeah I hate getting there when everything is gone too lol. I like to go on Sunday mornings before the kids are up and hubby is still asleep. They have Halloween costumes 25% off right now. I used a CVS $4/$20 off coupon and a $30 ecb and got my son a Halloween costume that was 14.99 on sale so now he is going to be a Transformer this year. Got to get the costumes early though or they are really picked through. I really get withdrawals when I don't get to go.

Unknown said...

Cool! I'm going to hit mine tomorrow. I have several of those $1 Adidas coupons! YAY! Lucky getting one of those great $4/20 coupons. I haven't seen any since last year. :-(

- said...

You are so clever, I never think to use this kind of thing. I have the cards but never use them. Now that things are tight I need to start paying attention. Thanks for sharing!

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